Tuesday, October 12, 2010

September 2010 Radioplayer

After a long break... the latest offering to the car stereo. A very chilled affair which includes some of my all time favourite chill out tunes as well as some recent and very nice deep house offerings...

Tracklisting as follows:

1) Jose Padilla – Blues For Ibiza
2) Simply Red – Holding Back The Years
3) Massive Attack – Protection
4) John Martyn – Sunshine’s Better
5) D*Note – Coming Up
6) Paul Weller – Wishing On A Star
7) Stateless – Bloodstream
8) Everything But The Girl – Walking Wounded (Main Vocal Mix)
9) Portishead – It Could Be Sweet
10) Air – You Make It Easy
11) Sade – Cherish The Day
12) Mark & Henry - The Making Of Jill
13) Kyle Hall – Ghosten
14) Francesco Tristano – The Melody (Francesco Tristano Remix)

Lead Me Onwards & Upwards Mix

Took me a while to put this one up... on a nu discoey deep house tip. Enjoy.

David Saker - Lead Me Onwards & Upwards Mix by The CookiE Monster

Tracklisting as follows:

1) Tal M Klein & Anthony Mansfield – Ciento Ocho (Aniligital US)
2) Joey Negro – Beyond The Dance (Extended 12 Inch Mix)
3) Burnt Island Casuals (AKA Harri & The Revenge) – Scotch Hop (Original Mix) (Under The Shade)
4) Lewie Day – That’s The Thing (Original Mix) (Murmur)
5) Gazeebo – Cokehead (Gazeebo)
6) Faze Action & Yam Who? – In The Light Of A Miracle (Original Mix) (Electric Minds)
7) Kerri Chandler – Get Up (Original Mix) (Madhouse US)
8) Spectacle – Prism (Original Mix) (Permanent Vacation)
9) Dan Electro – Lead Me On (Album Version) (Soul Lab Germany)
10) House Of House – Rushing To Paradise (Walkin’ These Streets) (Playtowork)
11) Lee Curtiss – The Glow (Original Mix) (Cityfox LTD)
12) Omar – Lay It Down (Andre Lodemann Remix) (Peppermint Jam)
13) Kink – Bitter Sweet (Original Mix) (Liebe Detail)
14) DJ Q – Make Your Mind Up (Album Version) (Glasgow Underground)
15) Dan Electro – Sing, Stomp & Shout (Album Version) (Soul Lab Germany)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Mix Up...

Somewhat of a discoey deep house mix... on the kind of a tip that's a bit in vogue at the moment... starts slow and tops out at around 121 BPM. Anyone for a J?

David Saker - Marching Towards April Mix 03-14-10 by David Saker

Tracklisting as follows:

1) Mario Basanov – Do You Remember (6th Borough Project Vocal) (Future Classic)
2) I-Cube – Falling (Original Mix) (Versatile Records)
3) Ray Mang – Look Into My Eyes (Original Mix) (DFA)
4) Chmmr – Man (Luna Flicks)
5) Rainer Truby – Livin In The Music (Compost Black Label)
6) KRL – Remember Donny (Greymatter Remix) (Wolf Music)
7) Kez YM – Sweetly Confused (Alex Agore Re-Edit) (4Lux Black)
8) Moodymanc – Word Feat. Felipe Luciano (Original Mix) (2020 Vision Records)
9) Precious System – The Voice From Planet Love (Marcus Worgull’s Chic-A-Go Remix) (Running Back)
10) Black Van – Yearning (Original Mix) (DFA)
11) Grace Jones – Inspiration (Leroc Sportif Edit) (Grace)
12) Rezkar – Above The Clouds (Mystery Boy Edit & John Daly Beats) (Running Back)
13) Tom Trago – Use Me Again (Original Mix) (Rush Hour)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

January Radioplayer

First of the year...

Download at: http://www.divshare.com/download/10254894-057

Tracklisting as follows:

1) Bobby Womack – How Could You Break my Heart (DJ Spinna Mix)
2) Rufus & Chaka Khan – What Am I Missing
3) Billy Griffin – Hold Me Tighter In The Rain (Intro Edit)
4) SOS Band – High Hopes (Touchsoul Edit, Ooft! Recut)
5) Barbara Fowler – Come And Get My Lovin’
6) George Soule – Get Involved
7) Sherrick – Just Call
8) Willie Hutch – In And Out
9) The Sunburst Band – Put A Lyric In It (The Revenge Mix)
10) Dynasty – Here I Am
11) Evelyn “Champagne” King – I’m In Love
12) Jacques Renault – Can’t Nobody Love Me (Original Mix)
13) Beggar & Co. – Help Me Out (DJ Friction Re-Edit Club Mix)
14) Jackie Beavers – Mr Bump Man (Give Me A Hand)

Dennis Parker - Like An Eagle

Quality video from Dennis Parker's "Like An Eagle". He was a pornstar in the '80's who died from AIDS related pneumonia in 1985. The album this was taken from was also produced by the Village People. Guess he was too busy "always searching... never pearching".

Time 2 Go Digital?

So back in late 2004 I added DJ CD players to the usual Technics SL1210/Pioneer DJM600 setup. Since I moved to Bermuda, and given that vinyl weigh's a tonne and doesn't travel well, I've been strictly CD based. I've been watching the next development quite closely, and it looks like it's nearly time to go completely digital...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Classic Time!

Dionne - "Come Get My Lovin'", absolute classic. About half a decade before my first forays into the UK club scene, but what a bomb! They certainly don't make 'em like this anymore...